Amazing art created in Minecraft

19th Jan, 2023

Amazing art created in Minecraft

Players have been creating amazing artworks using blocks since the beginning of Minecraft. Minecraft contains hundreds of blocks that are unique and this number continues to grow with each game update.

Minecraft allows you to use every block in a variety of ways and with different colors. The wide variety of textures allows players to build almost anything they can think of. The world is almost limitless, and players can show off their creativity.

Reddit user u/Sgelk created a stunning scene in Minecraft and used it as a basis for an art piece. OP (Original Poster), showcased the whole process of transforming their Minecraft scene into a painting.

Minecraft player transforms their build into art

Minecraft gives players access to a huge world. Redditor u/Sgelk built a house in a cave with a magical setting. This was likely done in 1.18 snaps, judging by the cave's size.

OP built a charming little house in the cave. OP also created a small, flowing river in front of the house. They also added amethyst clusters later to create trees that gave off a sense of magic.

Amethyst clusters emit faint light sources of level 4 light. This was a great choice for underground trees. To lighten the area, OP used glow lichen (another new light block).

After the build was complete, OP took a photo of their creation and began making digital art. To remove any Minecrafty feel, they first smoothed out the edges of the blocks.

OP began to remove the pixelated textures, adding more colors to amethyst and grass, as well as river, and other blocks. OP also added small details like reflections, tall grasses and flowers.

After completing the details, OP began adding a character and personality to the image. The artwork was completed by a witch who lost herself in her thoughts at the river. The final piece, as many Redditors have said, was stunning.


u/Sgelk's unique idea inspired many Redditors and others to build their own Minecraft artwork. This post received over 58k likes and tons of positive comments. Reddit user u/CrunchCreamYT commented on how beautiful OP's art is.

Redditor u/GirthwormGym suggested that OP post the following on the r/digitalart Subreddit. OP's skills would be greatly appreciated there, without a doubt.

Reddit user u/muzau explained that OP's post was what players see when they see their build completed or find a beautiful landscape. It's possible to transform Minecraft creations into art.