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How to get Milk in Minecraft

It is extremely useful to have milk in Minecraft. It can be used as a recipe or to remove certain effects.

It is very useful and, in fact, the second most important liquid in the game after water. It’s difficult to find and isn’t as abundant as water. It is only possible to obtain it in three ways.

Everything you need to know about milk in Minecraft

Three types of mobs can produce milk: goats, cows and mooshrooms. Before the Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs Update it was only two. But goats were added and are now a crucial part of the game.

Players must have an empty bucket in order to receive milk from these mobs. You can make this from two iron ingots. Players can use the bucket to milk Minecraft mobs by simply walking up to them. The bucket will then be filled with milk. Players will need multiple empty buckets if they want to fill multiple milk buckets.

The primary mob for milking is the cows. They spawn in many biomes. Two to three cow herds can spawn on grass blocks with a light level of nine, or more, and at least two blocks of space. The only places cows can spawn are in meadows, snowy tundras, and wooded badlands plateaus.

Goats can spawn in mountains with light levels of seven or more. Red mooshrooms may spawn in mushroom fields with herds of four or eight, at a light level of nine and better, as well as on Mycelium blocks. Brown mooshrooms can only spawn from red mooshrooms that have been struck by lightning.

Drinking milk removes all effects except those caused by beacons, conduits, and the Hero of the Village effect.

You can also use milk buckets to make cake using the following recipe:

NPCs vs Villagers comparison

Minecraft has a growing number of mobs. Some may look very similar depending on which version you are playing.

Minecraft: Education Edition, as well as Bedrock Edition, when Education Edition’s settings have been toggled on, has unique mobs called NPCs. Although their models look very similar to the villagers on all Minecraft platforms, they have significantly different AI and behavior.

Villagers on the other side have been an integral part of Minecraft for a long time. Their behavior and professions were updated and modified over time.

Minecraft: Differences Between NPCs & Villagers

Minecraft has a variety of NPCs and Villagers. NPCs are especially useful for guiding players to different areas of Minecraft: Education Edition. They retain no AI by default and can not be interacted with by any forces or entities other than the players. They are stationary and track players’ movements, following them as they move their heads.

Villagers on the other side have a strong artificial intelligence in Minecraft. They can move around their villages, interact with one another, mingle, and even obtain professions that allow them to work.

Players can interact with NPCs, but villagers can trade with them. Villagers often swap profession-specific items for gems, or vice versa. Villagers can hide and run in their homes, even though they are unable to defend themselves against hostile mobs. Zombies, in particular, can transform the residents into zombie villagers.

Villagers can take many forms depending on what profession they choose and which biome they live in. Players can also customize NPCs with a variety of visual options (approximately 25 character models currently) and the ability to change the text they speak when they interact with them.

This allows NPCs to embed HTML hyperlinks into their text. They can also be given the ability to execute chat commands, which is something villagers are unable to do.

NPCs are not created naturally in Minecraft like villagers. Instead, they are usually created using spawn eggs and commands. These NPCs can be set up by educators to provide helpful dialogue and guidance to players, while villagers are more independent.

NPCs are immortal unless they are killed, while villager are less world-weary and can be killed very easily.

Amazing art created in Minecraft

Players have been creating amazing artworks using blocks since the beginning of Minecraft. Minecraft contains hundreds of blocks that are unique and this number continues to grow with each game update.

Minecraft allows you to use every block in a variety of ways and with different colors. The wide variety of textures allows players to build almost anything they can think of. The world is almost limitless, and players can show off their creativity.

Reddit user u/Sgelk created a stunning scene in Minecraft and used it as a basis for an art piece. OP (Original Poster), showcased the whole process of transforming their Minecraft scene into a painting.

Minecraft player transforms their build into art

The post

Minecraft gives players access to a huge world. Redditor u/Sgelk built a house in a cave with a magical setting. This was likely done in 1.18 snaps, judging by the cave’s size.

OP built a charming little house in the cave. OP also created a small, flowing river in front of the house. They also added amethyst clusters later to create trees that gave off a sense of magic.

Amethyst clusters emit faint light sources of level 4 light. This was a great choice for underground trees. To lighten the area, OP used glow lichen (another new light block).

After the build was complete, OP took a photo of their creation and began making digital art. To remove any Minecrafty feel, they first smoothed out the edges of the blocks.

OP began to remove the pixelated textures, adding more colors to amethyst and grass, as well as river, and other blocks. OP also added small details like reflections, tall grasses and flowers.

After completing the details, OP began adding a character and personality to the image. The artwork was completed by a witch who lost herself in her thoughts at the river. The final piece, as many Redditors have said, was stunning.


u/Sgelk’s unique idea inspired many Redditors and others to build their own Minecraft artwork. This post received over 58k likes and tons of positive comments. Reddit user u/CrunchCreamYT commented on how beautiful OP’s art is.

Redditor u/GirthwormGym suggested that OP post the following on the r/digitalart Subreddit. OP’s skills would be greatly appreciated there, without a doubt.

Reddit user u/muzau explained that OP’s post was what players see when they see their build completed or find a beautiful landscape. It’s possible to transform Minecraft creations into art.

Farming music discs in Minecraft

There are many blocks and other items in Minecraft. Music discs are one of the most intriguing items in Minecraft. The game has thirteen music discs that players can listen too. Minecraft will get a new music disc, “Otherside”, in the 1.18 update.

You can listen to “Otherside” if you install the most recent snapshot or beta. Creepers will take music discs upon their death. To make this happen, however, there are a few conditions.

A creeper will not drop a music disk if a player kills it with a weapon. Only skeletons and stray can kill creepers to drop music discs. Strays, also known as skeletons, are found in Minecraft’s cold regions.

A TNT block with an enchanted bow ignites a creeper and the creeper still drops a music disk. These are unlikely to happen, however.

What music can creepers play?

Twelve music discs are available in the game. Players can obtain twelve via creeper drops. Pigstep is the only music disc not available from creepers. It is a fan-favorite music disk that was added to the Minecraft1.16 nether update.

You can also find music discs from other sources

Many music discs can also be generated within the loot boxes of certain structures like dungeons and strongholds. The chests of bastions are home to the rarest music disk, the pigstep. The chances of it being found are lower than 6%.

How to use a Minecraft music disc

Once a player has purchased a music disk, they can put it in a portable jukebox. To do this, players simply need to hold a music disk and right-click on the Jukebox. You can make a jukebox using any type of wood plank or a diamond.

Minecraft potion of decay ?

Potion brewing is an old tradition in Minecraft. However, Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (and its Java-based counterpart) have two potions that are unique to their versions: Bedrock’s potion for decay and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

Potions of decay can be potions made by players that inflict the Wither effect on their opponent. This status effect causes targets to take constant damage until it is removed or expires.

Wither is a poison that can kill, but not like poison. It can be caused by Wither skeletons or the Wither boss. Only Wither skeletons and the Ender Dragon are immune to the effects. Witches are also 85% immune to the effect.

Minecraft: How to obtain a potion for decay

For Minecraft: Bedrock Edition users, creating or obtaining a potion for decay in the vanilla version of Minecraft is not possible at the moment. Players will need to either access the potion, or one of its variants, in the Creative Mode inventory or console commands. You can also use third-party mods to create decay potions via the brewing stand or other methods.

You can find decay potion in Minecraft’s Creative Mode inventory, under the equipment category. Cheat enabled players with access to commands and cheats can use “/give @p potion1 36” to give one potion to the nearest player.

You can modify this by changing the 1 to a different number or changing the target with designations like @s (self),@r (random players) or @a [all players].

The /give command’s syntax works in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. It will also work on other Bedrock-oriented platforms such as Minecraft: Pocket Edition or Minecraft: Education Edition. Commands and Creative Mode are the only way to access potions for decay for players who cannot obtain mods on their Minecraft Bedrock platform.

CurseForge also offers mods that enable players to create or brew potions for decay in Survival Mode. The Better Survival Mod is one example of such mods. It improves Minecraft survival mode and allows players to make potions of decay.

Froglights 101

Mojang had announced the next major Minecraft update a few months back. Developers are currently working to improve the Overworld in The Wild Update after releasing a stunning Caves & Cliffs Part II Update.

Frogs will be the most anticipated mob in Minecraft’s Wild Update. Frogs were revealed for the first time at Minecraft Live 2021 as part of the swamps for biome vote. Mojang decided that Swamps did not win the polls but they are now part of the game.

In 2022, Minecraft will get swamps. They bring many new features, blocks and mobs to the table. Developers recently added a new block called froglight to Minecraft. This can be obtained by frogs.

Minecraft Bedrock beta has a new block, froglight. This is the first time that players have heard of this block since there was no announcement.

Froglight is a brand new light source block. Froglight blocks can now be obtained by players using frogs. Frogs were previously an ambient mob. They now have a purpose.

How to get froglight block in Minecraft

Frogs can be killed by tiny slimes if they are eaten, so players who have tested them before might already know this. Frogs can now eat magma cubes in the latest beta. The frog will then drop a froglight bloc after eating a small amount of magma cube.

The latest beta includes three types of froglight block: pearlescent (purple), green (verdant), and yellow (ochre). White frogs drop pearlescent froglights while green frogs drop verdant, and orange frogs drop the ochre.

The froglight blocks are unique in that they have stunning textures. This also gives magma cubes a new purpose, as many players will create froglight farms.

There are currently no snapshots available for the 1.19 update. These features are all available in Bedrock beta versions. Mojang will soon release snapshots of the Java Edition.

Minecraft bastion guide

In the 1.16 Nether update, Bastion Remnants was added to Minecraft. This massive structure is found in four of five Nether biomes (excluding the Basalt deltas). This castle-like structure is Minecraft’s home to Piglins and Piglin Brutes as well as Hoglins and Magma Cubes.

The Bastion is a great place to find rare and interesting loot. Bastion Remnants is the only place where Minecraft players can find the Pigstep music disc, Snout Banner patterns, and a Magma Cubespawner.

There are many loot options available, from an enchanted diamond armor to a Netherite Ingot. To ensure safe exploration, it is important to know that moving in a Bastion in Minecraft can be dangerous.

5) Gearing up

Without proper gear, entering the Nether dimension of Minecraft can prove dangerous. As a Bastion is filled with Piglin, and its more powerful and ruthless variants the Piglin Brutes, players must ensure they are fully equipped.

Enchanted diamond armor is a powerful choice. To thwart an ax attack from the Brutes, players should have a shield. They can cause enormous damage.

4) You can equip any gold gear

Any kind of golden armor is a good idea when exploring the Nether in Minecraft. Piglins won’t attack players if they are in close proximity. A piece of golden armor is a good idea to protect players when exploring Bastions.

Players must be cautious around Piglin Brütes. They will attack players even if they have golden armor.

3) Use Lava Bucket for Piglin Brutes

Piglin Brutes are distinguished from regular Piglins by their dark clothing and golden accessories, which include a golden ax. These Piglin Brutes are extremely hostile to players and difficult to kill.

A player who attacks a Brute will cause it to become more aggressive and will attack the other Piglins in return. Players can use a lava bucket against the Brute to end their lives. They are not immune from fire and will die.

The other Piglins, however, do not perceive this as an attack and remain passive towards the player.

2) Take your time to dig.

While most of the gold and other chests can be seen and grabbed by players, the Bastion also contains secret walls that contain more gold blocks. After players have defeated all the Brutes, they can explore the entire Bastion and loot the gold and chests.

You will find hidden golden blocks if you spend more time digging. Players may have to mine if the Bastion is under Netherrack to find the chests within the walls.

1) Do not open chests or mine gold in front of a Piglin

When exploring a Bastion Remnant, it is important to remember to not mine gold or open any chests near Piglins. Piglins are obsessed with gold and will attack anyone who touches it.

Players can still be attacked even if they wear gold armor. Players must exercise caution when opening Bastions or mining gold.

3 advanced level Minecraft farm ideas

1) Automatic Terrace Farm

Redstone machinery is often required to automate any kind of farm. Minecraft players must have some knowledge about it.

The automated terrace farm is the best farm build in the game. This allows players to plant standard crops on multiple steps of the terrace, and to add multiple stories to the farm’s design.

Automated farming is achieved by mechanical means such as timed irrigation dispersal. This floods the farmland once crops are fully grown and funnels them into hoppers to be collected. Other machinery can automate the process. It all comes down to the player’s preference.

2) Wither Skeleton Farms

It takes a lot of practice to farm hostile mobs in Minecraft. It is not always easy to farm hostile mobs. One example is the Wither skeleton. They are found only in the hostile Nether and can deal Wither damage over time. Without a neutralizing agent like milk, this can quickly kill players.

Players have created towering Wither Skeleton farms. These farms can provide a lot of experience and Wither skeleton skulls (which are rare decorative Minecraft blocks) can be obtained.

3) Automatic Boring Machine

Mining in Minecraft can become tedious quite quickly. Most players want to collect ores so that they can create what they need. Automatic mining/boring machines are here to help.

These machines can drill down to the earth’s underground layers and explode large quantities of TNT to instantly “mine” blocks, including the ore blocks. The players can then gather the raw ore as well as other materials.

Minecraft 1.18.1 seeds for Bedrock Edition

With Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Part II update, Mojang Studios achieved its goal to change caves and mountains forever. Along with these two, the entire Overworld has been drastically affected positively.

Almost every Minecrafter has been stuck in awe after discovering the new look and feel of the Overworld. Beneath the surface, players can find beautiful cave biomes, while tall snowy mountains can generate above the land.

Unfortunately, not every player can spawn near the new caves and cliffs. However, players can use world seeds to generate amazing worlds.

Lots of villages and temples (Seed: 1618322923)

Many players hope to find a village close to the spawn location when creating a new world. But in this seed, players can find around 20 villages in a 1000 block radius at spawn. Along with villages, the seed is loaded with tons of desert temples.

Massive cave system (Seed: -1385905961)

Unless one has speluncaphobia, there is no reason not to try this seed. Players can find an absurdly large cave at 130, 80, -30. Besides this cave, players can also find a village at X: 232 Z: 200. Players will have a great headstart in this seed, with the village providing shelter and a cave filled with ores.

Flying Dutchman (Seed: -1743257829)

Don’t get too excited by the name. But yes, this seed has an actual “flying dutchman.” Minecraft world generation is so whacky that players can find a levitating shipwreck in the middle of nowhere.

The mysterious shipwreck can be found at 38, 62, -1470. This probably happened due to the height level changes in the version 1.18 update.

Tall cliff covered with dark forests (Seed: 12345)

Mojang raised the entire Overworld’s height in the 1.18 update. Everything seems to have become taller and deeper in Caves & Cliffs Part II. In this seed, players can find a tall cliff covered with dark forests on top and lush caves underneath at spawn.

Exposed lush cave (Seed: 1114478226)

Because of ravines, players can often find exposed lush caves in Minecraft. This seed features an exposed lush cave at 496, 16, 236. This cave is exposed under a spruce forest biome.

Multiple Minecraft platforms

Minecraft’s many versions are disappearing. It’s still available on your preferred platform, but the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and mobile versions of Minecraft are the same.

Microsoft has unified its block-building game Minecraft in order to allow cross-platform multiplayer, save data and purchase content. You can now move your world, saves, and data between Minecraft: Pocket Edition for iPhone and Minecraft: Xbox One Edition for iPhone. You can now create infinite-sized worlds in console games. This is a significant shift for Microsoft to treat Minecraft as a service that can be accessed however players want.

This change is highlighted by the fact that Minecraft’s “Switch Edition”, and “Windows 10 Edition” names have been dropped. Microsoft will instead call this cross-platform Minecraft version. Minecraft: Java Edition will replace the original PC version of Minecraft. All this is part of the Better Together update, which will be released this summer.

“We call this edition of Minecraft just Minecraft,” Emily Orrson, marketing lead, explained to reporters during a presentation. This Minecraft version is not specific to any particular platform. It can travel across all these form factors…. The Java edition of Minecraft will be rebranded as the Java Edition. This should make it super easy for the player community, who already call it the Java Edition.

The unified Bedrock Minecraft version will now include these platforms:

The unified experience does not include the consoles of Sony and the Xbox 360. Microsoft has provided more information about why Sony isn’t involved.

Microsoft and Mojang have been working for years to bring Minecraft together. They have created the Bedrock Engine, which runs Minecraft on mobile and consoles. It is scalable and can be ported to other platforms easily. It’s also simple to release updates to multiple versions at once, which has resulted in parity for the majority of Minecraft users.

Microsoft can do cool things with all these Minecraft versions together. This allows them to solve many player problems. Many Minecraft players have multiple platforms, but until now, they’ve not been able to transfer their progress between them. This model allows players to play a game on their phone and then pick it up on their Xbox One. Players can also purchase additional content such as the Power Rangers skin packs. This will transfer to any other Bedrock edition — though a few packs, such as the one featuring Mario or Halo characters, may not transfer due to licensing restrictions.

Microsoft and platform owners can now focus on microtransactions, with Minecraft being a service. Although cross-platform purchase of official skin packs is great, Microsoft is using it to expand the Minecraft Marketplace for community builders. Although the Community Marketplace is available on Windows 10 and mobile, Switch and Xbox One users will have access to it once they switch to Bedrock. This is important as console users often have their credit card information saved to their devices and are ready to spend money on new items.

“This Better Together update is part a larger vision. Orrson stated that the vision revolves around a connected and creative player community. “We have incredible things happening that players are creating and doing in the world. We’re following their example in transforming Minecraft from a gaming platform to a creative platform.

Microsoft believes that Minecraft can be used to launch a business, or create minigames. The publisher is committed to supporting such endeavors. This marketplace was created to allow for a lot more of this kind of content to be added to the game, especially on platforms that are difficult to modify unlike the PC.

Jesse Merriam, executive producer of the community marketplace, stated that players now have instant access to a lot of community-created content. “Now, you don’t have to navigate the internet to find a creator’s site to download their packs, or figure out how to import them.

This makes it much easier for creators to reach potential players, who may also be willing to pay them.

Microsoft has basically figured out how to make Minecraft’s paid mods work by leaving the Java Version, which is simple to modify. Players can also customize Minecraft for smartphones and other platforms by editing specific files. As part of the Mojang add-ons update, Microsoft and Mojang made this possible last year.

Microsoft will also support third-party servers outside its Realms service to enable a multiplayer persistent universe. Realms can only support 11 players at once, but some external servers can host hundreds of players. Minecraft has partnered with popular Minecraft servers such as InPVP, Mineplex and CubeCraft, to make these possibilities even more accessible to everyone.

Microsoft is moving to make Minecraft a platform. This is smart business strategy. You can sell content and take a cut of the community-created content sales. To keep its players happy, the company also offers huge and impressive improvements to Minecraft. It wants people to use the marketplace and buy skin packs. However, the Java version is still available. Microsoft even spent the past year making it possible for anyone to create mod-like content on mobile and Windows 10. Microsoft is now offering Realms as an alternative.

Microsoft’s smart decisions are also obvious because they fit with its vision.

“The goal was to bring together Minecraft players. Merriam said that this is where we are moving. As we have developed the Bedrock Engine, you’ve seen that mobile users are now using Windows 10 and VR players. These versions are often different and sold through different shops. It is a worthwhile project to overcome those obstacles to get everyone playing together, and to make Minecraft a destination.