Farming music discs in Minecraft

16th Jan, 2023

Farming music discs in Minecraft

There are many blocks and other items in Minecraft. Music discs are one of the most intriguing items in Minecraft. The game has thirteen music discs that players can listen too. Minecraft will get a new music disc, “Otherside”, in the 1.18 update.

You can listen to “Otherside” if you install the most recent snapshot or beta. Creepers will take music discs upon their death. To make this happen, however, there are a few conditions.

A creeper will not drop a music disk if a player kills it with a weapon. Only skeletons and stray can kill creepers to drop music discs. Strays, also known as skeletons, are found in Minecraft's cold regions.

A TNT block with an enchanted bow ignites a creeper and the creeper still drops a music disk. These are unlikely to happen, however.

What music can creepers play?

Twelve music discs are available in the game. Players can obtain twelve via creeper drops. Pigstep is the only music disc not available from creepers. It is a fan-favorite music disk that was added to the Minecraft1.16 nether update.

You can also find music discs from other sources

Many music discs can also be generated within the loot boxes of certain structures like dungeons and strongholds. The chests of bastions are home to the rarest music disk, the pigstep. The chances of it being found are lower than 6%.

How to use a Minecraft music disc

Once a player has purchased a music disk, they can put it in a portable jukebox. To do this, players simply need to hold a music disk and right-click on the Jukebox. You can make a jukebox using any type of wood plank or a diamond.