Froglights 101

9th Jan, 2023

Froglights 101

Mojang had announced the next major Minecraft update a few months back. Developers are currently working to improve the Overworld in The Wild Update after releasing a stunning Caves & Cliffs Part II Update.

Frogs will be the most anticipated mob in Minecraft's Wild Update. Frogs were revealed for the first time at Minecraft Live 2021 as part of the swamps for biome vote. Mojang decided that Swamps did not win the polls but they are now part of the game.

In 2022, Minecraft will get swamps. They bring many new features, blocks and mobs to the table. Developers recently added a new block called froglight to Minecraft. This can be obtained by frogs.

Minecraft Bedrock beta has a new block, froglight. This is the first time that players have heard of this block since there was no announcement.

Froglight is a brand new light source block. Froglight blocks can now be obtained by players using frogs. Frogs were previously an ambient mob. They now have a purpose.

How to get froglight block in Minecraft

Frogs can be killed by tiny slimes if they are eaten, so players who have tested them before might already know this. Frogs can now eat magma cubes in the latest beta. The frog will then drop a froglight bloc after eating a small amount of magma cube.

The latest beta includes three types of froglight block: pearlescent (purple), green (verdant), and yellow (ochre). White frogs drop pearlescent froglights while green frogs drop verdant, and orange frogs drop the ochre.

The froglight blocks are unique in that they have stunning textures. This also gives magma cubes a new purpose, as many players will create froglight farms.

There are currently no snapshots available for the 1.19 update. These features are all available in Bedrock beta versions. Mojang will soon release snapshots of the Java Edition.