How to get Milk in Minecraft

8th Jan, 2023

How to get Milk in Minecraft

It is extremely useful to have milk in Minecraft. It can be used as a recipe or to remove certain effects.

It is very useful and, in fact, the second most important liquid in the game after water. It's difficult to find and isn't as abundant as water. It is only possible to obtain it in three ways.

Everything you need to know about milk in Minecraft

Three types of mobs can produce milk: goats, cows and mooshrooms. Before the Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs Update it was only two. But goats were added and are now a crucial part of the game.

Players must have an empty bucket in order to receive milk from these mobs. You can make this from two iron ingots. Players can use the bucket to milk Minecraft mobs by simply walking up to them. The bucket will then be filled with milk. Players will need multiple empty buckets if they want to fill multiple milk buckets.

The primary mob for milking is the cows. They spawn in many biomes. Two to three cow herds can spawn on grass blocks with a light level of nine, or more, and at least two blocks of space. The only places cows can spawn are in meadows, snowy tundras, and wooded badlands plateaus.

Goats can spawn in mountains with light levels of seven or more. Red mooshrooms may spawn in mushroom fields with herds of four or eight, at a light level of nine and better, as well as on Mycelium blocks. Brown mooshrooms can only spawn from red mooshrooms that have been struck by lightning.

Drinking milk removes all effects except those caused by beacons, conduits, and the Hero of the Village effect.