Minecraft 1.18.1 seeds for Bedrock Edition

1st Jan, 2023

Minecraft 1.18.1 seeds for Bedrock Edition

With Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Part II update, Mojang Studios achieved its goal to change caves and mountains forever. Along with these two, the entire Overworld has been drastically affected positively.

Almost every Minecrafter has been stuck in awe after discovering the new look and feel of the Overworld. Beneath the surface, players can find beautiful cave biomes, while tall snowy mountains can generate above the land.

Unfortunately, not every player can spawn near the new caves and cliffs. However, players can use world seeds to generate amazing worlds.

Lots of villages and temples (Seed: 1618322923)

Many players hope to find a village close to the spawn location when creating a new world. But in this seed, players can find around 20 villages in a 1000 block radius at spawn. Along with villages, the seed is loaded with tons of desert temples.

Massive cave system (Seed: -1385905961)

Unless one has speluncaphobia, there is no reason not to try this seed. Players can find an absurdly large cave at 130, 80, -30. Besides this cave, players can also find a village at X: 232 Z: 200. Players will have a great headstart in this seed, with the village providing shelter and a cave filled with ores.

Flying Dutchman (Seed: -1743257829)

Don't get too excited by the name. But yes, this seed has an actual “flying dutchman.” Minecraft world generation is so whacky that players can find a levitating shipwreck in the middle of nowhere.

The mysterious shipwreck can be found at 38, 62, -1470. This probably happened due to the height level changes in the version 1.18 update.

Tall cliff covered with dark forests (Seed: 12345)

Mojang raised the entire Overworld's height in the 1.18 update. Everything seems to have become taller and deeper in Caves & Cliffs Part II. In this seed, players can find a tall cliff covered with dark forests on top and lush caves underneath at spawn.

Exposed lush cave (Seed: 1114478226)

Because of ravines, players can often find exposed lush caves in Minecraft. This seed features an exposed lush cave at 496, 16, 236. This cave is exposed under a spruce forest biome.