Minecraft bastion guide

22nd Dec, 2022

Minecraft bastion guide

In the 1.16 Nether update, Bastion Remnants was added to Minecraft. This massive structure is found in four of five Nether biomes (excluding the Basalt deltas). This castle-like structure is Minecraft's home to Piglins and Piglin Brutes as well as Hoglins and Magma Cubes.

The Bastion is a great place to find rare and interesting loot. Bastion Remnants is the only place where Minecraft players can find the Pigstep music disc, Snout Banner patterns, and a Magma Cubespawner.

There are many loot options available, from an enchanted diamond armor to a Netherite Ingot. To ensure safe exploration, it is important to know that moving in a Bastion in Minecraft can be dangerous.

5) Gearing up

Without proper gear, entering the Nether dimension of Minecraft can prove dangerous. As a Bastion is filled with Piglin, and its more powerful and ruthless variants the Piglin Brutes, players must ensure they are fully equipped.

Enchanted diamond armor is a powerful choice. To thwart an ax attack from the Brutes, players should have a shield. They can cause enormous damage.

4) You can equip any gold gear

Any kind of golden armor is a good idea when exploring the Nether in Minecraft. Piglins won't attack players if they are in close proximity. A piece of golden armor is a good idea to protect players when exploring Bastions.

Players must be cautious around Piglin Brütes. They will attack players even if they have golden armor.

3) Use Lava Bucket for Piglin Brutes

Piglin Brutes are distinguished from regular Piglins by their dark clothing and golden accessories, which include a golden ax. These Piglin Brutes are extremely hostile to players and difficult to kill.

A player who attacks a Brute will cause it to become more aggressive and will attack the other Piglins in return. Players can use a lava bucket against the Brute to end their lives. They are not immune from fire and will die.

The other Piglins, however, do not perceive this as an attack and remain passive towards the player.

2) Take your time to dig.

While most of the gold and other chests can be seen and grabbed by players, the Bastion also contains secret walls that contain more gold blocks. After players have defeated all the Brutes, they can explore the entire Bastion and loot the gold and chests.

You will find hidden golden blocks if you spend more time digging. Players may have to mine if the Bastion is under Netherrack to find the chests within the walls.

1) Do not open chests or mine gold in front of a Piglin

When exploring a Bastion Remnant, it is important to remember to not mine gold or open any chests near Piglins. Piglins are obsessed with gold and will attack anyone who touches it.

Players can still be attacked even if they wear gold armor. Players must exercise caution when opening Bastions or mining gold.