Minecraft potion of decay ?

17th Dec, 2022

Minecraft potion of decay ?

Potion brewing is an old tradition in Minecraft. However, Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (and its Java-based counterpart) have two potions that are unique to their versions: Bedrock's potion for decay and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

Potions of decay can be potions made by players that inflict the Wither effect on their opponent. This status effect causes targets to take constant damage until it is removed or expires.

Wither is a poison that can kill, but not like poison. It can be caused by Wither skeletons or the Wither boss. Only Wither skeletons and the Ender Dragon are immune to the effects. Witches are also 85% immune to the effect.

Minecraft: How to obtain a potion for decay

For Minecraft: Bedrock Edition users, creating or obtaining a potion for decay in the vanilla version of Minecraft is not possible at the moment. Players will need to either access the potion, or one of its variants, in the Creative Mode inventory or console commands. You can also use third-party mods to create decay potions via the brewing stand or other methods.

You can find decay potion in Minecraft's Creative Mode inventory, under the equipment category. Cheat enabled players with access to commands and cheats can use “/give @p potion1 36” to give one potion to the nearest player.

You can modify this by changing the 1 to a different number or changing the target with designations like @s (self),@r (random players) or @a [all players].

The /give command's syntax works in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. It will also work on other Bedrock-oriented platforms such as Minecraft: Pocket Edition or Minecraft: Education Edition. Commands and Creative Mode are the only way to access potions for decay for players who cannot obtain mods on their Minecraft Bedrock platform.

CurseForge also offers mods that enable players to create or brew potions for decay in Survival Mode. The Better Survival Mod is one example of such mods. It improves Minecraft survival mode and allows players to make potions of decay.