Netherite Scrap?

24th Nov, 2022

Netherite Scrap?

Netherite is one the most rare materials in Minecraft. Since its introduction, many players have made it a priority to create tools from the material.

To make Netherite ingots, players need Netherite scrap. You can create Netherite scrap by melting a material from The Nether. This is known as ancient debris.

Rarely, Netherite scrap may also be found in loot chests within The Nether within Bastion Remnants.

These options aside, Survival Mode players are less likely to find the Netherite scraps they require.

It's not easy to find ancient debris in The Nether. But the rewards are well worth it.

To make Netherite scrap in Minecraft, you can mine ancient materials

A diamond pickaxe is required before Minecraft players can begin to mine old debris. If the player does not have Netherite gear, a diamond pickaxe is required.

Minecraft players can begin to search for ancient materials at elevations 8-22 once they have all the tools. You can check one's elevation by activating “show coordinates” in Bedrock Edition, or pressing the F3 key for Java Edition.

The Y-coordinate shows the elevation level. Players should be aware of it as they descend. Based on analysis from the Minecraft community, Y level 15 is the average elevation where it is most likely that there is ancient debris.

Once they have reached the right elevation, players can mine the same way as in the Overworld. It is important to be cautious and alert in the face of possible lava flows or pitfalls due to The Nether's dangerous nature. These could quickly end a Minecraft player's adventure.

The Nether does not have a lot of ancient debris, so mining is likely to take a while. Ancient debris generates “blobs”, which can be as high as two per chunk.

Blobs of 3 to 5 ancient debris will produce similar results to the distribution of Lapis Lazuli. Other layers will be dotted between Y=8 & Y=119. It is difficult to find ancient debris. Players are advised to begin at Y=15, and work your way up.

Once they have the ancient materials, players can put them in a smelter along with some fuel. Once the material has heated up, it will become Netherite scrap. Minecraft players will then be one step closer towards the netherite ingots that they require for their armor and tools.