New Minecraft mob??

14th Nov, 2022

New Minecraft mob??

Minecraft's Allay mob is looking for friends. You'll find them to be super friendly and helpful. They love music and collecting things, and may even be able help you automate some of your projects. This is based on the information we have so far about the Allay, which is still very sparse.

The Allay will not be available for us to meet in person until 2022, when the mob arrives in Minecraft along with the new mangrove swamps and the new Frog Mob. Here's how the Allay work, what they can do and what you might use them for.

Which update is the Allay?

In 2022, the Allay will join Minecraft in the 1.19 Wild Update.

It was chosen by Minecraft Live attendees to be the new Minecraft mob. The Allay beat out two other mobs, the Glare or the Iron Golem, for Wild Update.

What is the Allay doing?

Minecraft seeds: Explore new worldsMinecraft shading: Change the look of your gameMinecraft servers. Join new worldsMinecraft textures packs: Transform your game's lookMinecraft commands are all listed

The Allay is a mob of helpers who love to collect things. Mojang said, “This could be something you've made, a collectible or a block that you mined.” The Allay will be able to pick up any item it finds on the ground and you can hand it an item. However, it won't mine blocks by itself. It can't go off and collect ores for itself. It will only pick up any item entities it finds and return them to you.

You can also use the Allay's love of music to your advantage. The Allay will deposit your found items stacks there instead of bringing them to you if you place a Note Block onto the ground.

Mojang said during Minecraft Live that “we imagine that players could use this to make Allay help with sorting items and clearing up areas.” The Allay might still have other abilities that we don't know about yet.

What do we not know?

Mojang has made a brief introduction to the Allay, but so far. We've seen it only in a teaser animation. It is not yet known what the game looks like. Before we can see the actual version floating around our worlds, we may need to wait until Mojang releases snapshot builds of version 1.19.

These are some other questions that we have regarding the Allay.

When Mojang shares more information about our new helper mob next season, we'll share more details about the Allay.