NPCs vs Villagers comparison

1st Nov, 2022

NPCs vs Villagers comparison

Minecraft has a growing number of mobs. Some may look very similar depending on which version you are playing.

Minecraft: Education Edition, as well as Bedrock Edition, when Education Edition's settings have been toggled on, has unique mobs called NPCs. Although their models look very similar to the villagers on all Minecraft platforms, they have significantly different AI and behavior.

Villagers on the other side have been an integral part of Minecraft for a long time. Their behavior and professions were updated and modified over time.

Minecraft: Differences Between NPCs & Villagers

Minecraft has a variety of NPCs and Villagers. NPCs are especially useful for guiding players to different areas of Minecraft: Education Edition. They retain no AI by default and can not be interacted with by any forces or entities other than the players. They are stationary and track players' movements, following them as they move their heads.

Villagers on the other side have a strong artificial intelligence in Minecraft. They can move around their villages, interact with one another, mingle, and even obtain professions that allow them to work.

Players can interact with NPCs, but villagers can trade with them. Villagers often swap profession-specific items for gems, or vice versa. Villagers can hide and run in their homes, even though they are unable to defend themselves against hostile mobs. Zombies, in particular, can transform the residents into zombie villagers.

Villagers can take many forms depending on what profession they choose and which biome they live in. Players can also customize NPCs with a variety of visual options (approximately 25 character models currently) and the ability to change the text they speak when they interact with them.

This allows NPCs to embed HTML hyperlinks into their text. They can also be given the ability to execute chat commands, which is something villagers are unable to do.

NPCs are not created naturally in Minecraft like villagers. Instead, they are usually created using spawn eggs and commands. These NPCs can be set up by educators to provide helpful dialogue and guidance to players, while villagers are more independent.

NPCs are immortal unless they are killed, while villager are less world-weary and can be killed very easily.